If your dog is matted you may be given one of these forms to fill out and sign.

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Please be in mind that I groom 5-7 dogs a day, back to back with a strict time frame.  


Cancellation Fee -

The Dog Shack appreciates a $20 cancellation fee for no notice given or notice given under 20 hours. This fee will be paid upon cancellation or if rescheduling it will be added to your bill at your next service. It is important to let your dog groomer know if you can no longer make your appointment so that they can book someone else in your place and so they don't loose income.

Late Policy -

Clients arriving more than 15 minutes late for drop offs will be imposed with a $10 late fee and clients arriving 20 + minutes late will be rescheduled.

I understand unexpected circumstances pop up and arrangements can be made

Thank-you for understanding.